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About Kathryn

Kathryn is a Certified Transpersonal Coach and Certified Heart Centered Hypnotherapist through training at the Wellness Institute in Issaquah WA.  She is a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner and  Elemental Reflexologist, completing  training at Ohio Institute of Energetic Studies. She is a Reiki Master.  She developed Earth Heart Healing after years of training with wonderful and generous human, animal and plant spirit teachers. In addition, she offers the Energetic Facelift, a hands-on session for the head, face, neck and shoulders.

Kathryn trained in additional  energy healing practices with Laura Chapman,  Rosalyn Bruyere and Warren Grossman. She completed Level 1 training in Trager Bodywork. She attended workshops and trainings in  shamanic practices with Cynthia Gale, Myron Eshowsky and Angeles Arrien. She learned EFT from Robin Trainor.  She  continually learns from her peers in the healing community.

Kathryn has a Master of Arts degree  in Community Counseling from John Carroll University. As a counselor she worked with the following populations: rehabilitation career counseling and support,  substance abuse, and community mental health.


Practitioner’s Statement

I specialize in working with people dealing with life transitions, chronic illness, pain issues,  and career decisions. I use energy and expressive techniques (music, toning and sound healing, journaling, energy tapping (EFT), guided imagery, breathwork and relaxation. I teach individual energy techniques geared to specific needs.

I offer coaching services for those seeking recovery from addiction, including individuals who are dual-diagnosis.   My work is complementary to 12-step recovery programs and traditional medical/psychiatric treatment. 

I personally have lived with a chronic  systemic arthritic condition since I was 19. My search for relief led me to the healing work. I am not in perfect condition. Someone once said to me, why don’t you just heal yourself? lndeed I have healed from  many issues. There is a phenomenon in the new age community that author Joan Borysenko calls “New Age Guilt”. It is a philosophy that proposes that we have created our  current condition, so we should be able to heal ourselves of whatever ails us. But true healing is more than being symptom free.

My  illness has taught me many lessons and led me to my own emotional and spiritual healing. Because I have a chronic illness I can relate to my clients and their struggles. The current medical system is failing many people. We are all on our own path. One-size fits-all-treatment regimens and insurance limits leave many of us struggling to find other avenues of relief. Complementary and alternative healing is becoming mainstream because western medicine is not enough. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the healing community.


I walked in to Kathryn’s office with a specific issue I told her I wanted to work on.  After  we talked about the issue she did the hypnosis. During the hypnosis, another issue that I  did not mention but was a huge problem from my past came up. Somehow both issues turned out to be related.   I was able to express some emotions and felt relieved and tired.   I even slept better that night.  This session was amazing!        P.L., Bay Village

I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia,  and depression too. I like the way I can have both hands on work and also talk about my issues with Kathryn. She can do both in the same session. She has shown me things I can do to help me between sessions that I can continue to have some relief. T.R., Lakewood

I am trying to stay sober  and drug free, but I do not like going to AA meetings. I can talk to Kathryn  and she  does not insist that I  attend those kind of meetings. 
But she suggested  other types of groups I could go to for free that I might try. She said that as long as I am sober when I come to talk to her she will continue to see me.  I feel  she understands where I am coming from.  K. L., Cleveland


I have had a lot of different kinds of massage and other types of healing. Kathryn does some things I  have not experienced before. I especially liked the time where she did the “facelift” (Energetic Facelift), reflexology and foot massage!  B. R., Westlake