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My practice focuses primarily on relaxation and relieving stress.  When your body is without stress, it begins to heal.  In my practice I have spent years sharpening my skills and am always learning and studying to provide even better service to my clients.



  • Essential Oils:  Calming and clearing sprays

  • Bandits Oil:  Anti-viral, antibacterial

  • Bach Flower Remedies:  Created especially for you!

About Laurie


Laurie is an intuitive healer who has worked in the field of energetic bodywork for nearly 15 years.  She is a Reiki Master, Elemental Reflexologist, and a Board Certified and Registered Polarity Practitioner.  She is trained in Bach Flower Remedies and practices Assemblage Point Realignment and Raindrop Therapy.  


She has received specialized training in tuning fork therapy, psychic surgery and advanced psychic surgery.   At times she offers specialty clinics for knee and carpal tunnel pain relief, and these will be noted on our Facebook page.

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