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Aparna Valunj

Aparna Valunj, BHMS

Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery (India)

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About Aparna

Aparna Valunj holds a Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery degree BHMS (5 ½ years medical degree in Homeopathy from Maharashtra University of Health Science, India. She is a Registered & Certified Homeopath by the Maharashtra Council for Homeopathy, Mumbai; (2008). She practiced in India for 6 yrs and is actively associated with advancement in Homeopathic Research & Development.


Practitioner's Statement
"I appreciate your interest in Homeopathy and look forward to hearing from you. I am committed to helping you with this wonderful system of medicine.
In case you wish an online consultation, you can drop me a text message on  the number above or on Facebook messenger. You may ask any questions related to Homeopathy and I will be happy to answer you."

Homeopathy and Its Approach in Your Healing Journey

"The best & most efficient pharmacy is within your own system”
- Robert C. Peale

The premise behind Homeopathy is that it stimulates the body's own healing power, by using highly potentized substances from nature, based on the principle of "like cures like." 

The Homeopathic Method of healing is a way of integrating mind and body while taking into consideration the environment- the people around a person. Like any other human creation, bringing it into existence starts as a meaningful thought, then goes through the brain's analytical processing, is put into action, and ultimately the creation happens.

Similarly; for dis-ease to manifest itself, the mind plays a major role. It is only when a human is unable to find the balance between the triggering factor and its solutions, which keeps a person under continuous stress and leads to the body's response by releasing cortisol (stress hormone).  This situation, if not dealt with appropriately, takes a toll on a person's health. That's why it's very important to keep life in balance. Thoughts brings changes into the physiology (body chemistry) and ailments/disease can be traced back to  different stages of life. Thankfully, nature has provided the solution to all conditions. Homeopathy takes into consideration all these things.  

Homeopathy’s fundamental premise that disease is a reaction of the whole organism is clearly Hippocratic. To prescribe a homeopathic remedy merely based on localized symptoms, without taking into account the individual’s mental and physical traits, is to suppress symptoms and reject the healing power of nature. Disease is a reaction, which calls for assessment into the mode of response of each individual.


Q. Is there a specific homeopathic remedy for asthma, psoriasis, anxiety disorder, cancer, fibromyalgia, allergies ...etc?

A. Homeopathic remedies are based upon individualization for a particular person for his disease conditions. For example, if someone has asthma, the remedy will be based upon what triggered the condition. The practitioner assesses the client's concerns and their adaptation and reaction to life situations, their personal nature, temperament, disposition, sensitivity , susceptibility so on.  All these things play a major role in formulating the Homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic remedies are used for all disease conditions, so the purpose of homeopathic consultation is to match the constitution of a person with that of a remedy and then give that specific remedy. Whether the complaint is a
sthma, pink eye, fibromyalgia, anxiety disorder, ADHD, or psoriasis the Homeopath helps the person, no matter how illness establishes itself in that individual's body.


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