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Bailey Weiss

Bailey Weiss

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About Bailey

Bailey has always been passionate about helping others, which led her initially to earn a degree in psychology from BGSU.  Post pandemic, she began a career as a behavioral technician for children with varying diagnoses in mental, emotional and social issues. She found that, despite being highly skilled, she did not fully enjoy the position and felt defeated and lacking in purpose. This is when she decided to dive headfirst into the things she was passionate about, including spiritual routines, tarot readings, shadow work and other esoteric practices. 

Bailey has earned Master Level Reiki practitioner certification. For her, energy-based medicine felt like an innate part of who she truly was, and clients were quickly drawn to her natural healing ability and extraordinary visionary gifts. 

Throughout her personal journey, she overcame countless uncomfortable challenges and learned from many unpredictable experiences for which she is eternally grateful. These events helped free her to express her true self and brought her true peace. Her genuine hope is to share this liberation with as many people as she can.


Practitioner Statement

"My mission is to heal and guide people through the power of Reiki as well as deliver messages from the divine - so that you may experience balance, harmony and peace in this lifetime. I believe we all deserve to lead happy, healthy and authentic lives and I am here to aid you in your journey to the best of my abilities. Happy healing and may you find many blessings!."

"My Reiki session with Bailey was a completely positive, immersive and authentic experience. Bailey put a lot of care into making sure I had a comfortable and meaningful exploration and gave me a lot of freedom. It was my first time trying Reiki healing and I will most definitely return to her. You can tell she is truly on a guided path and committed to healing others on their path as well!" -Gabby
"Bailey's Reiki healing experience has value beyond her actual healing. Bailey is extremely open to all questions regarding both spirituality and walking you through emotions that may come up during your session. Their experience both in this practice and in the psychology field makes Bailey the perfect person to bring full color clarity to any individual." Aaliyah 

"I really wasn't aware of what Reiki was about then Bailey explained it to me and what the benefits of a session were. After learning about it I agreed to have a session and it was great! It was one of the most relaxing feelings I had after the session. I have an issue with my shoulder and I could feel energy being concentrated there. I would definitely recommend a session or few." -Peter

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Bailey Weiss
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