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Fran Kerg

Fran Kerg

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About Fran


Fran is an intuitive healer who has been practicing and teaching energy medicine for twenty years. She is a Board Certified Registered Polarity Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher who offers several additional energy-based modalities including Chakra Balancing, EFT, Assemblage Point Realignment, Psychic Surgery, Emotion Code and others.


Although each treatment is customized to the individual’s needs, the majority include a combination of several modalities as well as her ability to “read” the human energy field.


Fran is now offering Trinfinity8 and Ascension11 sessions at the Holistic Health Cleveland office. 

Fran Kerg Polarity Therapy

Practitioner’s Statement
"I help clients by accessing information stored in their energy fields. This gives them tools to shift towards a state of balance, and clients have reported relief of physical as well as emotional issues."

“After just one session with Fran, I felt an amazing shift in my energy levels. She is a kind, sensitive and compassionate practitioner. I highly recommend her!” Melanie Guzman McCarter


“Fran has an outstanding healing touch. She is very intuitive with me during our Energy Healing sessions. In addition to her natural healing touch she had specialized training in several modalities. She integrates them all as needed. What she does feels like magic to me!! I would highly recommend her to everyone I know.” Ricki Audrick, Reiki Master Teacher, Polarity Practitioner


“Fran is extremely knowledgable about her practice in energy medicine and healing. She works diligently to improve her practice with education and the newest forms of energy healing and her professionalism speaks for itself. I have used her services numerous times and have been nothing but astonished and pleased with my results, that is why I keep returning. I highly recommend her services for numerous physical needs. ” Lisa Payne, RN

“Fran is a highly motivated, hard-working, dedicated professional. She has worked tirelessly to obtain higher degrees in her profession I have worked with her a number of times and found her to be sympathetic, reliable, and knowledgeable.” Helen Smith


“In the years that Fran and I studied Polarity Therapy together I have come to highly respect her competence and dedication. Polarity is just one of several modalities she is proficient in, enabling her to create sessions very specific to client needs that are also very effective. Her wonderful sense of humor reinforces the old saying “laughter is the best medicine.” Fran is also active on the board of the American Polarity Therapy Association, further testament to her professionalism.” Heidi Beke-Harrigan, Registered Polarity Practitioner


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